Mind HealthCare

Welcome to Karat Health a modern mental health clinic that's focus is on your minds' well being.  We are an organization built specifically for the twenty-first century with all the traditional services of diagnosis, testing, education, psychotherapy and medication management but delivered to you with the support of technology by highly trained professionals.   

Our focus is integrative and collaborative mental health care, we pride ourselves on working with doctors already in your life.  We also work in a shared collaborative manner with others like your therapist, social worker, or psychologist.  

It can be confusing to even understand what treatment is ideal. Rest assured you'll have a psychiatrist, a M.D., help you figure that out together. 

Our mission is to provide a safe, convenient, confidential and non-judgmental space for you to work through current struggles using Internet connected technologies anywhere in New York State or in our office.

We offer simple practical evidence-based treatments for psychiatric diagnosis, and sometimes simply a safe space to talk because not everything needs a diagnosis.    

reasons patient's select us

Why people Choose to engage in treatment 

Common experiences often given the label a diagnosis, which we help with, if it's not listed here, not a problem ... just reach out to us to learn if we can help